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2015 We Are One Jazz Project Concert a Success!

The concert was absolutely sensational. A fantastic finish to the great work that the students did over the course of the 4 month Project. Take 300 performers, add Barry Harris’ beautiful compositions and the result is not a dry eye in the house! 2014/15 has been a milestone year. We Are One Jazz Project has […]

Nine Moods (Attitudes) For Martial Artists & Jazz Musicians

Ruthlessness – Do not have pity for yourself. Self-pity is nothing more than self-importance. Ruthlessness is unattached focus, not coarse behavior. Cunning – Relates to a type of sagacity that is closer to intuition than to intelligence. It does not imply cruelty. Patience – Everything has its proper time. There is always a right moment […]

Why Musicians Can’t Dance

Did you ever wonder why musicians can’t dance? Read the following hilarious article written by Jamie Aebersold for the answer. There is a strange phenomenon in the world of musical arts, and that is the mysterious inability for musicians to move their bodies in a graceful manner in response to music. The closest I’ve ever […]

Thelonious Monk’s Advice

This is Steve Lacy’s transcription, who played with Monk in 1960. Lacy’s introduction to Thelonious Monk: His Life and Music uses the below material explicitly.

We Are One Jazz Project: In Concert

George Weston Recital Hall February 11, 2015, 7:00 pm Experience the Power & Beauty of 300 Voices: The We Are One Jazz Project is dedicated to empowering youth through Jazz. Partnered with the TDSB and mentored by master musicians, we deliver a dynamic, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to students in a different ‘priority’ area of the GTA each year. This […]