The Classes


Open by audition, classes meet each week for 2 hours. The focus of the instrumental classes is on solo development, based on studying the rudiments of bebop and jazz improvisation, and application of this theory to jazz song forms and standards.  As each class has a rhythm section, a secondary focus is on developing group performance skills.

The Beginning Level Workshop is designed for students who have a good basic knowledge of their instrument and can play major and dominant 7th scales proficiently in 12 keys.  As well you will have some knowledge of reading a chord chart.  You may be either new to the jazz idiom or haven’t had much experience in group playing. At this level we take a thorough look at rhythm, and rhythmic aspects of playing. Various group activities such as sight reading, learning to hear a song form, learning to hear your way through a bass/drum solo, accompaniment as it applies to each instrument, stop time and ‘trading’ solos are also dealt with in depth. In addition, ear training through studying the cycle of 4ths and how it applies to chord progressions, scale and chord relationships and creating melodic ideas through the scales are also examined. This level starts with a complete study of the blues form.  Course Materials: The Barry Harris Workshop Video, Part 1.